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Vinny had a successful business but his customers were telling him they did not like his website. In truth, Vinny didn’t like it either.

He’s a busy man and it was on his list of jobs to get sorted when disaster struck. His website hosts took his site down because it had been hacked and was presenting a possible danger to other sites.

Vinny needed it fixed, and fast – but the company that had built his site were nowhere to be seen.


You little diamond. I have nothing but love for you.

My customers love the new site. I love the new site. I’ve never had so many enquiries in all my years of business. 

Plus my quotes look more professional, my email is now professional and I’ve learned to do things I never thought I could.

Diamond. Absolute diamond.

Vinny Barlow

Managing Diector, VB Garage Doors

How We Helped


First, I cleaned up the hack, got the old website working and negotiated with the hosting company to put it back online.

Then gave Vinny a video that showed how his website could be improved so that it was both secure and able to bring in more business.

I made some more videos that showed step by step how to make the product pictures and video that Vinny had, ready for a new website with as little work on Vinny’s side as possible.

Then we built the new website that really showcased what the company did and made it easy for customers to find exactly what they wanted and how to contact VB Garage Doors in a simple way that also best suited Vinny.

Added touches included creating an email system that matched the company brand and increased the chances of email landing in customers’ inboxes instead of spam; designing a custom quote form; and work that improved the Google ranking of the company.

Vinny uses our website care pack to reduce the risks of any further attacks (zero successful attempts since we took over hosting and website maintenance) plus SEO services to make sure his business continues to rank highly on Google.

VBGarage Doors continues to go from strength to strength and has now expanded its workforce to meet the new high levels of demand.