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Bill had run a haulage business for many years when the chance came to buy it out, and not only run it but to own it.

This meant a re-branding and also expanding the company’s services.

Rock Haulage wanted a website that showed off their new beginning without losing both their online and offline customers who already knew them from their previous name.

In addition they wanted some specific functionality added to the mobile site, making it easy for people to call them on mobile.

We are very happy working with Roman Britons. Martin kept us informed at all stages of development.

We continue to use Roman Britons for our website maintenance. I have been amazed and fascinated at the attempts by people from all over the world to illegally  – and more importantly unsuccessfully – log into the admin area of our site. Martin is able to explain in layman’s terms what is going on and why.

Bill Purvis

Managing Diector, Rock Haulage Ltd

How We Helped


To make calling easy, we added a large button on the mobile site that once pressed would auto dial the company.

We also added a section about the change in company ownership over a picture of Bill, with a screen to make both the text and picture easily viewable. The words explained the change whilst the picture provided the sense of continuity.


In addition Rock Haulage subscribed to our SEO package to make sure that people could easily find the “new” firm online.

We were able to make Rock Haulage the top result in Google searches.

We used a combination of re-directing existing website traffic, plus suitably worded blogposts and various technical techniques.