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Claire St Quinton already had a fine reputation as a cake trainer through her work with various online schools and for YouTube channels.

She knew how to bake, to decorate and to present, but nothing about the steps required to set up her own school.

Claire’s original plan was to take things slow, build up a sizeable portfolio of tutorials and launch over a 6-9 month period. That would give her time to learn the behind the scenes knowledge and acquire equipment etc.

Two months into that plan Coronavirus struck and almost overnight income streams in the wedding industry collapsed.

Claire needed to act fast…………..

My website looks fantastic and Roman Britons are really knowledgeable and I’ve learnt so much as well.

I would highly recommend Roman Britons because going forward I’m confident my business is going to be a huge success.

Claire St Quinton

Owner, Claire St Quinton School of Cake

How we helped


Claire changed her timescales from 6 months to 6 weeks! Martin took time to go through with Claire what was essential for a successful launch, and what could wait.

Using Claire’s content we put together the layout for the lessons for the first course and then provided explanatory videos so that Claire could add further courses herself.

Roman Britons negotiated with other clients in less hit industries to allow Claire’s project to be prioritised and used a simple project management tool to make sure everyone stayed on track with the new accelerated deadline.  We also set up email marketing software and added code that allowed Claire to target her Facebook and Instagram followers.

Claire has signed up for our Website Maintenance program to make sure everything continues to run smoothly (which turned out to be a major plus when the video host hit problems in week one) and for our SEO program that helps her to make sure her online school gets found by more and more people.

In line with our mission to provide more than just websites, Martin was also able to pass on his personal experiences of presenting videos that have received millions of hits.

Results so far


Claire’s online school launched on time!

Students signed up not only from the UK as expected, but from Europe and further afield too – reaching customers that would have never been possible with face to face classroom teaching.

The exposure from teaching online has led to some potential exciting partnerships (that we’re not allowed to announce yet – but keep an eye on our blog where we’ll break any news the minute the green light is given!)

Would you like to know more about having your own online school, and getting your story featured?