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This blog outlines who the DMI is, what the CDMP certification covers, why I studied for it and how I was successful in obtaining it.

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5 simple steps to boost your website conversions

A website's conversion rate is a measure of how many people who visit the site decide to take an action that you have decided beforehand is something that will benefit your business. Here are a few things you can do to increase your website conversion rate.

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Website Conversion illustrated by Woman looking at website with credir card

Keyword Research in Plain English

Keyword Research in Plain English An important part of getting visitors to your website is to be featured high on the list of sites that Google shows when somebody types in a search request. Keyword research is critical if you are going to achieve this. This guide...

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Content Management in Plain English

This Content Management System in Plain English is intended for non-technical readers to gain an overview of a very popular approach to modern website design. It shows the business benefits of using a Content Management System (CMS). In addition it touches on why...

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Google Analytics in Plain English

Google Analytics in Plain English - In plain English, how we use Google Analytics to measure the success of your website and your company's business online. What do we mean by ‘analytics’? Let’s think about our “bricks and mortar” business, rather than our website...

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google analytics - picture of lady who measures success

Website Hosting in Plain English

This guide, Website Hosting in Plain English, is a non-technical guide. It aims to give an overview of the things you need to consider when choosing a home for your website. If you don’t have the time – or the desire(!) – to find out more, and are happy to trust us...

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cross section of a server farm - where lots of websites can be hosted